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Store Policies for Live Fish

 Live Arrival Guaranteed: Any fish D.O.A. (dead on arrival) must be reported to Sunrise Tropicals within 12 hours of arrival. If your purchase does not arrive alive, whether the loss is caused by our fault or carrier’s mishandling, we will replace it free(excluding packaging and shipping), provided the following procedure is followed:
You are responsible to track the package and
1) either stay home to wait for delivery or pick up at your local FedEx facility, 2) take immediate action of your order upon its arrival, 3) take some pictures of the specimen, 4) dry the specimen and temporarily store it in the freezer, 5)call us as soon as you can.

If no one answers when you call, just fax or send us an e-mail to establish the time of death and then call us during business hours for your authorization. Never dispose of or return a fish without authorization.
If we ask you to return the specimen, you must put the dried specimen in a plastic bag without water, add some salt to the bag, seal the bag and return it by USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. Returns must be postmarked within 72 hours of receiving the authorization.
We will also credit your return postage ($6.00). Guarantee applies to original shipment only, not replacement items. Shipping and box charges are not included in this guarantee. In other words, the shipping charge will not be refunded under any circumstances.


Returns: Unfortunately live stock are not returnable. If you have never ordered tropical fish from a mail order business or are not sure about how to introduce mail ordered fish into your tank, please let us know. We would like to make sure you know how to handle the new shipment before we ship the fish to you. 

We reserve the right to refuse shipment to anyone. We do not treat fish as regular merchandise. We raise them, and take good care of them. We quarantine new imports to make sure they are healthy and strong before we put them up for sale. We are proud of being told by many customers: "You have very nice and healthy fish." Although we are neither the best nor the largest aquarium store, we are committed to providing the highest quality fish.

Our guarantee covers live arrival only. We disclaim any responsibility once the fish is introduced in the tank. To greatly reduce the risk of your existing fish and/or the newly purchased fish becoming ill, we recommend that you quarantine the newly purchased fish for a few days prior to introducing them into your aquarium. This ensures the new fishes’ immune systems have recovered to full strength.