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Thanks to the customers who let us know the condition of the fish when the shipment is received. Here are some examples of the e-mails we received in year 2001. To ensure privacy, we do not reveal the e-mail addresses.

How to Order

Hello Tony
My apologizes for taking so long to write, it was a very busy weekend.
I received the shipment of discus on time Friday morning.  I was impressed with the way they were packed. When I opened the box they weren't even breathing hard.  they made the adjustment to the tank quite well,  No Losses, Wonderful.  They are beautiful and a very nice size, I am very pleased.  They are a little shy yet but eating well. 
Thank you for the extra bags for the angels that was very nice and I appreciate it, as well as the sample of insulation. 
We usually deliver our angels, so shipping them ( if they sell) will be a new experience for us and your help is, once again greatly appreciated! 
I look forward to doing business again.
Thank You
Sheryl & Jeff

Date: 11/1/2001 2:48:46 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: WDude
To: Srdiscus
Hi Tony,
Discus came in great shape, as usual.
The Ocean Green looks really good in my tank.  Do you still have the Ocean Green Pair available? 
Aloha,  Wane
Hi Tony:  I received your discuss today before 10am. 
The temperature was a balmy 78 degrees. Every fish was upright and in great shape. By evening they are all active and eat frozen bloodworms voraciously. Thanks for the beautiful specimen. Hope to order more soon. Thanks Walton
 Subj: Discus are great!
Date: 7/8/2001 3:23:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: birrellc@San Anselmo
To: Srdiscus@aol.com
It was great to see you again. I just wanted to drop you a note saying that all of the fish are doing great!
The Snakeskin looks really nice. His color is developing more and more every day it seems like! The 2 Golden Sunrise like to hang-out with each other, along with all the others!!! I think they're trying to imitate the cardinal tetras... trying to school!!! I boosted the temp. up from 80 to 82 and they seem to be a bit more active. They're settling right in to the tank.
The White Diamond is a gorgeous fish!!! My little sister mentioned I should call it "Angel" because it's so sweet.
Yesterday my mom came and saw my tank. She mentioned about the discus. "What beautiful fish you have," she said. I only have one person to thank for that. Mr. Peng at Sunrise Tropicals!!! Thank you so much for my fish Tony, I
can't thank you enough. Everyone in my house is enjoying them, and people that come and visit too!
I'm looking forward to seeing these little babies all grown up. Maybe i'll
produce a spawning pair???
Thanks again, hope to purchase more fish soon (in the process of setting up a
240 gallon tank)
Subj: Fish arrived safely
Date: 6/23/2001 12:43:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: jrod@COstate
To: Srdiscus@aol.com
Hi Tony,
The beauties arrived safely at noon and all is well. The bag temps had
dropped to 72 degrees so I floated the bags for awhile and then added some
of my water gradually until the temp got back up to 83. They are doing fine,
don't seem very stressed out and my three are sort of "mothering" them for
now. I'm sure that will change though :-) The fish are fine quality, the
tangerine and blue are breathtaking. The snake of course is not showing much
red color yet, but the finnage is gorgeous. Thanks a lot and I'm sure to
recommend Sunrise Tropicals to all of my discus loving friends.
You can use my email, no problem. I only wish I had purchased the first
three from you instead of our LFS. The difference in quality is quite
obvious, especially the eye to body size ratio. You also have some beautiful
Angels pictured on your site, do they ship well, or at all? I've got a deep
50 gal bow front that needs a large pair, but can't find any that look
healthy enough here in the Springs.
Subj: Thanks and update on my new discus
Date: 6/19/2001 5:49:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: san@menlopark
To: SRdiscus@aol.com
Tony -
I just wanted to write you and thank you for being so
helpful during my recent purchase of discus at your
store. As I mentioned, I first learned about your
store on aquabid and since you were located near
me in the Bay Area, I decided to stop by and take a
look at the fish.
After seeing your discus, I bought two 2.5" fish - a
golden sunrise and a golden pearl to become tank-mates
to the pigeon that I had previously purchased.
I just wanted to let you know that your fish
acclimated very well to the tank and they are quite
beautiful. They seem very healthy and are eating well
- in fact I can hardly keep up with their appetites!
Their coloration is beautiful and I have to say that
they are far superior to the other fish that I bought
at an unnamed LFS. Their quality is noticeably
I just wanted to tell you that you've won my business
and I'll be back to purchase more discus from you. Do
you have any Golden Tangerine varieties available?
I'm getting quite attached to my new fish - they
certainly have a lot of personality...
Thanks again!

<< Below is an e-mail I sent to a new customer notifying him of fish arrival...
From: <Srdiscus@aol.com>
To: <TedN
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2001 7:55 PM
Subject: Re: tracking #---Discus arriving
Hi Ted,
> I bagged each fish in a 6" wide bag. Each bag has 1 lb 2 oz water only. You
> put all the fish in a small bucket and start your dripping process. Please let me
> how they do in your tank!
Tony Peng
Sunrise Tropicals
Below is the e-mail he sent me 16 hours after receiving the fish.
Subj: Re: tracking #---Discus arriving
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 3:00:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: "Ted & Francis
To: <Srdiscus@aol.com>
HI Tony, I got the fish at exactly 10:00 A.M. midwest time and the fishes
are in good shape and they are doing great in my aquarium. You did a good
job in packing them, simple but effective. There is not even a single sign of
stress from the fish and the water is clean. For this I would highly
recommend you to my brothers and friends.
Thank you
Ted Nuguid.
A note from Tony at Sunrise Tropicals:
This customer really knows how to acclimate a new shipment of discus. Even though he said I did a good job, I think he must have done a good job on his side as well.

<< Subj: Re: discus fish
Date: 7/4/2001 1:45:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: jim@San Anselmo
To: Srdiscus@aol.com
When I got home the fish were very active even in the bags!!! I Dripped them and floated them for about 20 minutes. Then it was into the tank for them.
The Golden Sunrise looks really nice. He (or she for that matter!) and the Asian Star like to play in the bubbles created by the 6" airstones I have in the tank. The Super Red looked a little stressed from the ride home, but he was eager to get out and go for a little swim.
They like to swim around the large piece of driftwood I have in the tank.(100 gallons)
From working at a LFS I can tell you that your fish are far superior in quality! The ones that come in from our "fish suppliers" are always beat up, not eating, very skinny, and just overall not healthy.
That's why I'll continue to purchase my discus fish from you!
Thank for your help, and I'll let you know how the fish are doing in a few weeks.

Happy Breeding,

Chris Birrell >>

Aleasia--the auction winner received 5 Red Scribble and 2 Blue Diamond discus from Sunrise (tony) on 03/20/01 Sunrise wrote: I would like to thank you for the quick positive feedback you left for me. Alesis replied: Your welcome :-) Sunrise wrote: >You just received the discus today! You must know a lot about Discus or how >can you be so sure the Discus you received are good. (Alesia hangs her head in shame.) Okay Tony you busted me. You know I don't know alot about Discus!!! (this is so funny, it has been a very long time since someone questioned my skills with fish) We talked on the phone and I asked you alot of questions. I really listened to the answers you gave. When I mentioned the local store I went to and how the fish were acting you told me that they were being fed live food before I told you that they were. So that told me that you do know your Discus! I didn't want perfect breeding Discus all I wanted was healthy ones.

I know fish and Discus are fish aren't they? I based that "great" on a few things. There were no dead or gasping fish in the bags! When I pulled out the bags only one of the red scribbles was dark. They were all up and moving. I put the bags in my tank and added airstones. Added my tank water to the bags until the ph was the same. When I let them out they all swam around and were active. There wasn't any physical sign of disease, they all look well fed. When I would look in the tank they would all get in front of my face and stare back. This morning 3 of the scribbles have slight stress bars. They follow me when I walk around the room. I didnt feed them yesterday. I fed them some frozen brine shrimp. Three of the scribbles started eating the two other scribbles would pick it up and spit it out. The two blue diamonds flat refused. They came to the front of the tank and said "Tony never fed us frozen brine shrimp" (I know this because I can read lips) So a little while later I put in some frozen bloodworms. Well everybody ate and they all have fat little bellies. Another thing I have noticed is they really seem to like playing in the air bubbles from the long airstone I have in there. They all go up and down up and down. They look good to me Tony but I will go back to the feedback and write a new one that says something like this: fish MIGHT be great, Don't buy any of his fish until mine prove to be great. Very helpful with questions, but don't tell Tony the fish look great. (just kidding) You keep up this arguing stuff and I might have to drive to your store the next time I visit my mom in Reno. Okay then thats the plan. When I visit my mom I will come see you and tell you about how my/your Discus are doing. Thanks Tony for sending me the email. I woke up rather depressed (no doubt due to the rain for the last 2 days) and your questioning my judgment made me laugh. I feel much better now. Alesia

Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 7:13:30 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: NJDisb
To: Srdiscus
Thanks for the E mail. The golden discus is doing great. She is taken care of her eggs right now.Very happy with the fish keep up the good job.


Subj: Purple head golden betta
Date: 2/14/01 12:05:53 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: jjs4@CA
To: Srdiscus@aol.com

The betta has spawned this morning with the female I had waiting for him and he has turned out to be a great father so far, very diligent!
I'm not sure what the temp. was here yesterday afternoon but early yesterday morning it was down to 16 degrees. I would guess that it didn't get much above freezing all day.
I was thinking that the next time I am expecting a live fish thru UPS/FEDX I will leave a note on my front door telling them to knock loud and ring the doorbell.
Anyway, this has turned out to be a great experience what with the wonderful betta (he was just what I had been looking for), the successful breeding, and also with your concern and excellent communications. I really appreciate it Tony. Good luck and if I'm ever in Daly City I'll definitely drop by Sunrise Tropicals.

From: RSEP
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 12:24:08 EST
Subject: re:angel diamond discus
To: sunrisetropicals@yahoo.com
Add Addresses

hello mr. peng....the fish arrived in perfect condition....i learned a few
things about packing fish from you by observing how they were set up.....i
did not receive the certificate of authenticity however....i would like a
copy for my breeding records....if you could send me one i would appreciate
it....i left positive feedback for you on aquabid thanks again! ruth ph.

Hi Tony, I was planning to send you a note and let you know how everything
turned out.
As usual, an interesting story, but everything turned out fine.
I'm self employed, so I arranged to be around the house Tuesday morning,
and being in South Dakota, where, if you dont like the weather....stick
around for an hour-it will change. We got hit Monday night with freezing
rain so schools were closed Tuesday, also getting about 5 more inches of
snow Monday nite and Tuesday morning. After 12:30, I had to get back to
the office, so I left a note for UPS to leave package inside the door. On
my way back to work, I saw a UPS truck at the school, so I stopped and
talked to him. He said everything was delayed because of the weather, he
didnt have next day air packages on his truck. He said I could go to the
mall and hopefully catch the Air freight truck and pick up my package,
otherwise might not get delivered to my house until after 6:00 pm. With the
temp around 20 degrees and 40 mph winds, I figured the fish wouldnt last
all day in the truck, so I went to the mall, found the UPS truck right
away, and the man had my package, he was very happy I found him as he knew
he had live freight.
I got home and opened up box and was pleased to find everything alive and
well, but colorless which is to be expected. The heat packs were still
warm, and stayed warm well into the night the last time I checked.
Outside temps were in low 20's. I found a few drops of water in the box but
couldnt tell where it came from as everything was very well packaged. After
acclimating the bags of fish and letting them loose, I was able to find a
single cardinal that apparently had gotten caught in a crease on top of the
bag and croaked.
The cardinals were so colorless when they arrived, but last night as I sat
and watched the tanks, they blended with the older cardinals in the tank,
and looked happy and healthy. Discus have good color but havent seemed to
be hungry yet. Altums are schooling together and at least are interested in
the food.
My only question is on the shrimp. I thought algea eating shrimp were
brown, these look like ghost shrimp. What is the difference? I've had
ghost shrimp before but they seem to disappear, probably becoming fishfood
for the discus.
Is twice a day feeding enough for young discus and angels? I've read young
discus need feeding as many as 6 times a day, is that correct? Its hard
for me to be home that much. I try to feed a couple times during the
evening, but with lights on 12 hour timer, they dont come on in morning
for me to feed them. Whats your advice on feeding? My oldest discus doesnt
have good shape, which leads me to believe it may be improper nutrition,
also he was brought up on a diet rich in beefheart. I no longer feed
beefheart as I heard it was too high in protein and could cause an imbalance
in fin growth. Is that true? Im starting to grow brine shrimp, have seen
a guy put shrimp in a fish net and they slowly escape and the discus wait
for them, that way all the food doesnt fall to the bottom of the tank.
Overall I think I'm doing ok as my discus are 2 and 4 yrs old, but always
looking for ways to improve or make them happier. I appreciate your advice!

Brad V

Date: 6/16/00 11:46:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: ^^FLsnug@hotmail.com
To: srdiscus@aol.com


_Here is an interesting and informative e-mail from a new customer--Gary
From: "Gary cccccc"

Tony--since adding the new discus to the big tank, the once timid snakeskin's have
come out of hiding and joined the rest of the gang, and all are now out swimming
freely around the tank. The golden pearl is the leader of the pack, and the rest follow
him/her around. The leopard skin and the red spotted were pretty dark when I got
home, but their color came back quickly, although they still are showing their stress
bars. The smaller fish immediately started looking for food, and have been eating
non-stop. I can't get over how much they can eat. Their bellies are bulging, and they
are still looking for more...like you said, they are growing fast.

One thing that is very noticeable is that the leopard skin is much redder than the
snakeskin's. Next to the leopard the snakes look much more like turquoise than true
blue. Next to the snakeskin's, the leopard has almost a purple cast to it. Compared
to the others, the red spotted fish look pretty drab. But the red spotted have the
best shape of the bunch, almost perfect circles.

Another thing you might find interesting, is that the small blood diamonds that
were showing the heavy bars have almost completely lost their bars. The bars
are completely gone from one. They look quite different than they looked in the

One thing I would like to mention, is that anytime you get a special fish, something
really unusual, please let me know.

Thanks for the book, I have been reading it, or rather looking at it, since I can't read it,
and am enjoying it. And thanks for the help you gave me selecting the fish.

Regards, Gary

In a message dated 6/7/00 4:56:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time, StyFL@^^^^^^^

<< To: Srdiscus@aol.com

I received the fishes on June 6, 2000, in good condition. The fish are in
the aquarium at this time appear to be adjusting well. I have notice that
one of the bigger fish I originally purchased from you appear to be the
dominant fish. During feeding the bigger fish will try to chase the other
fishes away from the food. Thank you again and I look forward to doing
business with you in the future.
Date: 8/11/00 10:13:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: ^^Njc@webtv.net
To: Srdiscus@aol.com

Tony, received the package approx.1pm est. Everything is fine and I am very pleased with these fish. I forgot to get those medicines you advertise. I will be looking still for some young adults, that I could pair with others, unrelated of course if possible. NJ
from New Jersey

From: Aqua^NY@^^^^^
To: Srdiscus@aol.com

Hello. I received the fish around 10:00 a.m. this morning. They are in good condition
I'm really happy with them. They still seem to be stressed out but I guess it will take a
while for them to get used to new environment.
Thanks again. You guys are really helpful and I'm really impressed with your service.

Subj: Golden Red
Date: 10/12/00 7:57:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: SFGal@hotmail.com
To: srdiscus@aol.com

File: golden red1.jpg (117424 bytes)
DL Time (33600 bps): < 1 minute

Hi Tony--How's it going? I thought you might like to see a picture of your
golden red discus that you sold me. I have attached a photo of it. It is
about 5" now, and the pattern is not quite fully defined, but you can see
that the markings will cover the entire body. The other one is
going to be very nice also.

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